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Logo design

Recognition and eye catcher. Your logo should create the connection immediately.

Graphic design:


Webdesign is not just about looking good - so you need to get a hold of us when graphics and functionality should form a synthesis.

 Offline design

Create consistency in your graphic design solutions.

Read about targeted solutions in the form of websites, Intranet, Extranet, E-shop, and business-oriented webapplications.

Logo design is an important area of graphic design - and one of the most difficult design disciplines.

Since mankind has been able to express themselves, we have chosen symbols and "logos" - just think of flags, seals and coats of arms. The modern logo design that we know today began in the 1950s - here the mass media stepped on to the stage, and there was a need for visual simplicity and clarity in the communication flow. The "Less is more" - the strategy won out, and thus also the kind of logo design that we know today, with primary focus on a simple, perhaps abstract shape, coupled with a name row - and preferably based on a limited color palette.


The logo is the image that expresses your company or organization. Therefore, it must "hit the spot", so to speak - because the logo is what primarily represents your organization. It can be really hard to get together all its values in a single figure, or expressed by one color - and this is precisely why it is so important that your logo is thoughtful and thorough.


If you need help with either a refresh of your existing logo or simply a brand new one, then have a word with us. We have a wide experience in logo design.

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