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The Staff

Degree of separation = (ln N) / (ln K)

The staff:

 Christian Broberg

CEO, Founder

 Bente Broberg

Partner, Finance

 Mikkel Broberg

Partner, Development

 Henrik Hansen

Web Developer

 Martin Kristiansen

Systems Developer

Read about targeted solutions in the form of websites, Intranet, Extranet, E-shop, and business-oriented webapplications.

WebHouse appreciates that relations - internal as well as external - are part of the company core values.

WebHouse is a family-owned business and has had the same group of owner throught the entire time, the company has existed: Bente, Christian and Mikkel Broberg. The company started out in 1995 from Bente's home - she is the mother of Christian and Mikkel. Since then, then company has grown, decreased in size - and grown again.


Today we're a well-knit group of people - most of the staff has been with the company for several years. We deeply appreciate our unity and highly prefer lasting relationships - and this holds for our staff as well as our clients.



Six degrees of separation

Six degrees of separation (also known as "The Human Web") refers to the idea if any one person is one step away from any person, this first person knows, then he/she is only two steps away from anyone that somebody he/she knows know - and then all people on planet Earth is only six steps away from each other, at the maximum.


Confused? Then try calculating it a bit, using this equasion:

degree of separation = (ln N) / (ln K)

where N is th e population size and K is the number of contacts per person.


You could also read more about our staff and find out how we're all connected - even though we're not all related.

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