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iPad sales applications developed for the enterprise

iPad is ready for the enterprise – is your enterprise ready for iPad?

Apple's iPhone and iPad may increasingly provide your company with large potential sales benefits and better mobility. Availability and good touch user interfaces can make your everyday life in the enterprise significantly more productive.



”Touch” based sales are here to stay!!!

All the small new devices with touch screens - or multi-touch - are increasingly moving into businesses. Especially the Apple iPad.


With its 10-inches large screen, this really good looking design gadget is not only aimed at fun and tricks for us geeky types, but it is also a highly usable tool for the heavy business elite; management and salesforces alike.



Standard vs. bespoke

There is already a large number of really great standard apps available for your enterprise with prices ranging from as low as DKK. 12.00 and up to DKK 800.00 - and if you cannot find anything that completely meets your needs in the Apple AppStore, there's a way for that too. You can have your very own bespoke applications developed for your enterprise - applications that in the best way possible will take advantage of the multi-touch functionality, long battery-life, geo-positioning and user interface response at the speed of light.



Sales and informations

iPad with a 3G connection can become a fast and mobile companion for accessing important Business Intelligence, or as a sales tool containing one-to-one sales presentations available on the spot where the battle most often takes place - with your sales representative at your clients business.


Your benefits:

  • Business Intelligence fast and visually available with live data from your ERP system
  • Integration to CRM for client access
  • Sales- and marketing presentations (HTML, PDF, PowerPoint, Keynote, HD Video)
  • Preparation for meeting with clients, and notetaking at meetings
  • Direct sales / Web-shop
  • Monitoring of and feedback for activities conducted in sales meetings
  • Configuration tool aimed at complex products
  • and so much more …


Close encounters

What makes iPad so captivating for use primarily in sales, is the easy and intuitive user interface as well as the possibility for a far better product information towards your clients. Your sale will come across much more personal than the tradtional projector slideshows and productsheets, even at a stunning ROI for the application development.


At WebHouse we have no doubt, and a lot of our clients haven't either! Multi-touch and iPad are here to stay, and enterprises will benefit still more from Apples device until  there are decent alternatives availabe from the competitors.


Read more about what WebHouse can do for you, or get in touch with us today … or write us at ipad@webhouse.dk.  


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Created by: Christian Broberg

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