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Strategy and implementing a SEO project

Get the right advice and strategy for implementing SEO in your business



Add new energy to your online investment with a thorough approach and strategy

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We support projects, innovation and entrepreneurship and create a technical platform for your ideas

 Social media

Can social media and social networks in an easy way create value for your business on the Internet?

 Search Engine Optimization

It's so important that users can find you through search engines. Talk to us about enhancing your results.

 Web statistics

Statistics are so much more than just the number of visitors to your website

If you and your business have a professional strategy for what you want from your website and your onlice activities on the Internet, you can add value to your investments with a SEO project.

Either you have the world's best indexing on Google and other search engines - or there is room for improvement of your search engine optimization (SEO).


With a pragmatic approach to SEO - in cooperation with either us or other SEO experts we partner up with - you can gain good results from focused work with a strategy and continuous implementation of SEO in your business.


We always kick-off a SEO project with a workshop to clarify goals and ambitions as well as the economical ressources that can be allocated to SEO.


After the workshop, we develop a strategig SEO proposal and a budget you can use as a reference for which activities you would like to get started on.


To ensure continuity and quality of SEO for your business WebHouse will work with an internal consultant and project manager on your assigment, as well as a number of external experts and operational SEO process consultant. If possible, we will also locate the right people in your company.


Before you embark on your SEO project, have a quick word with us at WebHouse - yo can contact us today.

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