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Web solutions

Your company's need for web solutions can have multiple facets



A Content Management System (CMS) which evolves with you as a client in focus

 ODEUM CMS partner program

A CMS partner program that is uncomplicated - and without thumbscrews

 Mobile Website

The future belongs to mobility and your customers are already mobile. Is your business mobile?


Get the right partner for maximum benefits from your website investment.


Your Intranet can be an absolute necessity for controlling internal sharing of knowledge.


Extranet provides your website with an extra dimension, adding value for your clients and partners.


Selling your products or services online through an E-shop can be a strategic tool to boosting your turnover.

 Web applications

Your business' need for specific web applications will be handled professionally through experience and know-how.


If the data from your financial system needs to be dancing on your iPhone, you will need the right kind of integration

 Webmaster service

A great website requires maintenance to stay attractive and for this you can benefit from our Webmaster service

You might also want to consider consulting offered by WebHouse in the fields of Search Engine Optimization and web statistics.

A web solution is where your business presents itself to the world as well as an option for automated trading of information with clients and partners.

Web solutions are many parts of you business and can be divided into specific solutions as website, Intranet, Extranet, E-shop or other business-like web applications.



Your business will gain most value and effect from its investments in web solutions when you choose a stable and solid partner, who can deliver all your web solution suited to your needs.


Your website, E-shop or mobile website must be a professional and highly functional web solution in terms of websdesig and CMS as well as search engine optimization, as your web solution is an essential part of your world of clients and business partners.


The company Internat is the web solution that ensures internal relations and information flow bewteen management and staff. Intranet adds value when information on time is at a premium to create growth and to control the different business processes.


Extranet is the necessary choice when information or targeted business-to-business (B2) data is exchanged between your business and your clients or partners. You can manage external users of your website and control their differentiated access to informations presented on your website, as well as you can place business-like web applications in your Extranet.


An E-shop provides you with the advantage of being able to sell your products or services directly from your website, including the option to online. Your E-shop can be entirely open to the public, or you can have restricted access to it using the Extranet.


CMS solutions are often the base of all sorts of web applications, be it websites, Intranet, Extranet or an E-shop. WebHouse delivers the CMS platform ODEUM CMS.


No matter which Internet platform or applciation you business needs, WebHouse has years and years of experience and loyal clients to match your preferred platform.


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